VigLink Review – Affiliate Marketing On Steroids

VigLink is an automated affiliate link insertion program that completely automates the once time-consuming and laborious task of inserting individual affiliate links into your content.  Using VigLink you simply paste a snippet of Java code into your website template and the program does the rest for you.

I hope it’s the shape of things to come for affiliates because it solves all the main problems we have to deal with day-to-day.  Here are just some of the main benefits of using VigLink for making money as an affiliate:

  1. No more manually signing up to 100’s of accounts and networks, waiting for approval, then logging back in every few days to check statistics and other housekeeping checks.
  2. Access to promote big brand companies, some of whom would otherwise be inaccessible to smaller affiliates.
  3. No need to worry about broken links or affiliate link hijack and lost commissions.
  4. Pretty Links – no more long and strange looking links causing potential customers to not click.
  5. Generous commissions – because of VigLink’s size and reach, they get the top-tier payout from merchant partners, making the affiliate cut of 75% even more juicy.

I’ll stop there because I actually made an even more in-depth review on my internet marketing wiki.  Plus I’m running out of time today to get this post published.  You can check out their website by clicking here.

It’s been a pretty hectic week so far, trying to crank out as much content as possible.  I’ve really noticed a difference in my productive output since I started, and probably because of, the challenge I’ve set myself.  Even having the whole year ahead, there’s absolutely no time to waste if I’m going to come anywhere near hitting $100K.  It’s imperative for me to squeeze absolutely every minute I can out of the hours I work and that means cutting out the distractions and maintaining focus.

I’ve had a chance to write some stickies for my new forum today which I’m really excited about.  I reckon I’ll have enough content within say 2 weeks to start a promotion drive to get members.  This is the site I have my highest hopes for earning with Adsense and I’ve heard some fairly positive feedback overall as a revenue stream.

Forums have had a rough time the last few years from what I’ve read.  Lots of forum admin complaining about traffic being way down due to people migrating away in droves to spend more time on Facebook and the like.  To me it still seems like a great opportunity though if done properly.

I think the main problem with forums is that the software hasn’t kept pace with social media until recently.  But now things are starting to get a lot more integrated, with things like single sign-in and sharing becoming more streamlined.

One thing that strikes me about many of the forum admins complaining is that when I’ve visited their forum, it’s clear they’ve put hardly any effort into making it the kind of place that people would want to spend time.  For example, not even getting a custom template or header made, or buying an off-the-shelf one for $25.  Anyway, at least they’re trying so good for them.  I hope I’ll have at least enough success for things to stay interesting.  I enjoy the variety of trying different revenue models online.

That’s about it for today.  Another 6am start beckons.  Thanks for reading and I hope over the coming months I can really start cranking out some valuable posts with some real results to show you.